sing in harmony

Well now's your chance as our new SING IN HARMONY course starts on Wednesday 5 October FREE for four weeks to encourage men to sing, make new friends and experience all the fantastic health benefits that singing can bring.

The course is being run by the AWARD WINNING Chorus VOCAL FUSION ACAPELLA with their Director Zoe Peate on four consecutive Wednesdays at Dial Post Village Hall 8.00 - 9.15. It offers the opportunity to sing a range of four-part harmony songs in the "acapella" style and but we'll also provide you with skills, including breathing exercises and vocal support, which will help you to sing well in any style.

The SING IN HARMONY course is designed to bring out your inner diva but more importantly your voice. It includes a warm up session to prepare our bodies, voices and minds for singing, so this warm up will include some physical, vocal and mental exercises.

During the course you will learn a song within the group, which makes it less daunting. And, very importantly, you do not have to be able to read music. The chorus provides high quality digital learning tracks that are separated into the 4 parts (Tenor, Lead, Baritone, Bass) to facilitate easy learning of the song. As well, we have an excellent music team and experienced members ready to teach and support all members of the chorus. So don't be shy, come out and give it a try! You may just find an exciting and fun thing to add to your week.

sing in harmony - please supply your name and email to apply for the course